Wobble & Squint

Wobble & Squint is a non-profit curatorial collective co founded by Artist/Curators Errol Fernandes and Anne-Laure Franchette. Occupying disused space in London and offering diverse groups of creatives the opportunity to show their work in these unusual places, Errol and Anne-Laure hope to catalyse debate and provoke thought amongst the artists and visitors involved.

"Christmas Art Fair"

Wobble & Squint is delighted to present their first Christmas Art Fair Extravaganza!

This exciting one-day event will bring together a group of twenty amazing creatives who will showcase an exclusive collection of affordable Art for sale, allowing you to purchase work by up and coming Artists with prices ranging from £5 - £150.

Other attractions to blow your socks off will include:

Daniel Rourkre and GLTI.CH Karaoke who hook-up Karaoke lovers bypassing geographical and language barriers. An interactive Photo Booth by Lora Avedian, Laura Gee and Anne-Laure Franchette will give you the opportunity to have your picture taken with a slightly unsettling Santa. And a kitsch Raffle hosted by Rosetta Lamartigue will provide you with fantastically-tasteless-toot to pass on as Christmas presents.

There will of course be lots of good old Mulled wine, Mince pies and Music.

Join us and lets make this a Christmas to remember!

Selected artists:

Saturday 17th December 11am – 7 :30pm

PRAXIS Studios

3-9 Belfast Road, Stoke Newington

London N16 6UN


We are inviting Creatives to take part in an Arty Christmas extravaganza that will take place at Praxis art studios in Stoke Newington on the 17th of December 2011.

Think traditional fair ground meets tabletop sale meets Art Fair. We are going to throw in some acoustic music, flashing lights, lots of tinsel, bad jumpers and enough mulled wine to get everyone in the Christmas buying spirit.

Come and sell your artwork, offer limited editions made on request, involve everyone in a game or competition, give an art or musical performance. We will accept crafts if they display a quirky and even subversive edge. No cupcakes please (unless they are amazing).

While works for sale don’t need to be directly related to Christmas, you might want to join the festive spirit and consider the following: Christmas Loves and Hates, Christmas overkill, personal Christmas traditions, shock horror Christmas presents, Christmas compilations…

We would like each artist to provide a Christmas family picture for our vintage Christmas wall. A playful photo-booth will also be available for participants and visitors to take part.

As a non profit organisation, we need to request that every exhibiting/selling artist makes a £20 contribution that will help cover the costs related to the exhibition/fair and its promotion. The artists will keep all profits from sales.

Artists will be given an allocated area to setup their stall. Most stalls will consist of a 1.5 meter wall space and an area to place a trestle table and a chair. If you are submitting a performance or installation please inform us regarding your space requirements and we will endeavor to meet your needs.

Please email us to receive further informations and a submission form at: wobbleandsquint@gmail.com

Deadline for submissions: 30th November 2011

Opening night of the TAKEN AWAY exhibition on Exmouth Market on the 28th of July.

OPENING  28  JULY  2011
6 - 9PM

OPENING  28  JULY  2011

6 - 9PM